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Retirement Shortfall (Australian)
One of the biggest risks to a comfortable retirement is running out of money too soon. This calculator helps you determine your projected shortfall or surplus at retirement. You can also see just how long your current retirement savings will last. If your results project a shortfall, you might need to save more, earn a better rate of return, or possibly delay your retirement.

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Current retirement savings
This is your current retirement savings. You should include any savings or investments that are specifically for your retirement. Be careful not to include amounts ear marked for other purposes, such as your children's education.

Monthly contributions
The amount you will contribute each month to your retirement savings. This calculator assumes that you make your contribution at the beginning of each month. We also assume that this amount remains constant until you retire.

Years before you retire
The number of years you have to save before your retirement. If you are planning on retiring immediately, you should enter a zero.

Number of years in retirement
The number of years you expect to spend in retirement. If this retirement savings plan is intended to support you and your spouse, make sure this is long enough years to account for your spouse's potentially longer lifespan.

Annual retirement expenses
Your after-tax retirement expenses. Since this calculator assumes that you will be paying income taxes on interest as it is earned, your expenses should be entered on an after-tax basis. Your retirement expenses are increased each year by your expected inflation rate if the "Increase expenses with inflation" box is checked.

Expected inflation rate
Average rate of inflation that you expect through your savings time frame and retirement.

Rate of return before retirement
This is the annually compounded rate of return you expect from your investments before taxes.

Rate of return during retirement
This is the annual rate of return you expect from your investments during retirement. It is often lower than the return earned before retirement due to more conservative investment choices to help insure a steady flow of income.

Tax rate
Your marginal tax rate.

Other levies
Any other levies that you may be subject too.

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